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Model railway products
This website is currently under construction, and hope to have it completely re-launched in early 2016. Prototype Model Industries is now just a brand of model railway products, while RSFlexicast (the parent organization) focuses on contract and custom molds and castings in a business to business environment. While we are committed to model railway production, we have experienced phenomenal growth in doing production work for other businesses. Due to that increase we have been able to reconfigure our workspace and workforce to meet the increased demand. Larger capacity machines and vacuum systems have been added to increase production flow and yield much larger and fuller production runs with higher quality and lower waste. We have updated to CAD renderings and have high end 3D printing done in the toronto area for us to derive semi finished and finished masters for our model Railway equipment line. We are now able to export those processes into our general casting service. Please note that we do not 3D model in house for outside companies, and that we no longer work in the mediums of fibreglass and gelcoat.

We have partnered with metal etching companies in the USA, as well as contract painters in Canada to incorporate these options for your production run.
We believe in a strong and capable North American workforce and supply chain. We always strive for North American content as much as possible. Our products are proudly made in Canada, and outside sourced raw materials and outside processed supply parts are from Canada and the United States of America.